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Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Sanitizit

What is the Sanitizit unit?

The Sanitizit unit has been designed to simply and effectively sanitise entire shopping trolley’s, baskets and wheelchairs by producing a blanket of misted sanitising chemical 

Where are Sanitizit units manufactured?

Following an initial small batch of Sanitizit units manufactured in the US, future Sanitizit units will be 100% manufactured by SAGE Automation in South Australia.

How much does it cost?

Each Sanitizit unit is obtained via a Lease Agreement entered into by the user and SAGE Automation for a period of 3 years. The cost of leasing the Sanitizit unit is approximately $50 AUD per day. The cost of your preferred sanitising chemical is additional to the lease cost. As a guide, the nominal usage of sanitising chemical per 1,000 trolleys sanitised is 5 litres.

How quickly can I get one?

Estimated delivery of a Sanitizit unit from a signed lease agreement is 3 weeks in Australia, pending location. Delivery to regional areas may take longer. Shipping outside of Australia will be estimated on order placement.

Who is responsible for installing the Sanitizit unit?

SAGE Automation will send a SAGE Technician to establish each Sanitizit unit on site as part of the lease agreement.

Can I choose a different size/colour?

Sizing and colour can be altered with a minimum order quantity, so please talk to our sales representative.

Does Sanitizit kill 100% of germs and viruses?

The choice of sanitising chemical used in each unit is the responsibility of the leasee and will determine how effectively germs and virus are treated.

What sanitising chemical can be used?
The Sanitizit can only be operated with a water-based sanitising chemical.
Does SAGE Automation supply the sanitising chemical?

SAGE Automation does not supply the sanitising chemical used in the units. This is to be supplied by the user at their own cost.

What maintenance will it need?
SAGE will perform periodic preventative maintenance throughout the lease period free of charge.


What happens if it breaks down?

SAGE Automation provides 24/7 service support and has the capability to provide remote technical support initially. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely we will deploy a service representative to fix the unit.

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