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Have you considered the risk and potential downtime of a cyber attack on your industrial control system?

Have you considered the risks of taking action to protect any vulnerable systems? 

An intensive rollback plan and update strategy can help: 

  • Update critical IT systems for increased security

  • Mitigate risk of update conflicts to OT environments

  • Avoid costly downtime 

  • Protect against data loss

SAGE has helped many businesses recover from updates to their IT systems that have caused downtime due to operational system conflicts. We'd much prefer to be helping clients avoid downtime all together by putting in place an effective update plan that mitigates risk.

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Why does it matter?

Cyber security attacks on the rise

Windows updates and end-point security software are now essential to mitigate cyber security risk. There has been an increase in malicious attacks on critical automation infrastructure risking extended downtime and having a detrimental impact on business. 

Updates can cause unplanned downtime

Many of our clients have experienced unplanned downtime from IT and Operational Technology (OT) conflicts after installing system patches and end-point security software.

Software incompatibility and driver conflicts can render a system inoperable and unrecoverable for hours and even days. The cost to business has been devastating, with billions of dollars in downtime and potential regulator or commercial fees. 

These upgrades are essential, and can be achieved with no unplanned downtime, and no loss of data. 

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