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Performance-based agreements

Want total peace of mind that your complex and critical assets are performing as they should? Asset Operations can take on responsibility for managing and maintaining critical automation infrastructure and systems, across all industries such as transport and utilities, through a tailored performance-based agreement.

We ensure our services are commercially aligned with your operational KPIs, guaranteeing our efforts are geared towards optimising your operations. 

Our success is measured on your success. 



Working in partnership with you we develop solutions that improve performance, reduce risk and optimise whole-of-life asset costs. We can work with you in a number of ways:  

  • Flexible engagement models: Services that are aligned to your operational requirements and performance metrics from support SLAs to long-term performance-based agreements

  • Key performance metrics: Well-defined KPIs measuring your operational performance embedded with our service agreements

  • Transparent performance and reporting: A customer portal providing real-time performance reporting across all metrics


Supporting clients nationwide

We have performance-based operations and maintenance contracts with clients nationally.

We manage:



  • the Airport Monitoring System for Terminals 1 and 2 at Sydney Airport



  • the Heysen Tunnel, Port River Expressway and the O-Bahn Bus tunnel on behalf of the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure


  • the radio and communications systems for Yarra Valley Water’s 800-plus sites across a large area of Victoria, ensuring the availability of drinking water and the critical performance of sewerage and water treatment facilities.


What sets us apart?

Smarter Operational Performance

Asset Ops Graphic

SAGE Asset Operations operates on a philosophy that things can be done better, and smarter. Our people are problem solvers, driven to find the root cause of issues and innovate solutions for better long-term performance. We optimise operational performance by leveraging connected field assets to produce critical asset intelligence and then implement smarter maintenance schedules.

Drawing on our expertise and experience we’ll work with you over the long term to minimise running costs while optimising availability and reliability.

Contact us below to learn more about our performance-based services. 

Case studies


Silver Service innovation gets Castrol up in downtime

This SLA has seen Castrol recover quickly in breakdowns, saving considerable downtime and costs...


Road & tunnel maintenance 

SAGE maintains a number of assets for the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Transport including the Birkenhead Bridge, the Heysen Tunnels and the O-Bahn tunnel. 


SaaS model saves cost and secures OT systems

This Software-as-a-service model for a council's Operational Technology environment,  freed up their internal IT department to focus on enterprise services.

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