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SAGE Edge + Addinsight

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Addinsight is the traffic intelligence system owned by SAGE and provides real-time road traffic analysis of probe data from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other sensor technologies.

SAGE Edge is a low power industrial IoT communications gateway device, developed and manufactured by SAGE and is compatible with the Addinsight platform. The SAGE Edge device provides extremely high Bluetooth and Wi-Fi detection rate in smart mobility with the ability to provide road authorities with the critical data required to understand vehicle movements within road networks and ensure congestion can be managed in a reliable and agile way.

SAGE has installed SAGE Edge devices in large volumes across most of the States and Territories in Australia, creating a wide network of trusted devices.

SAGE Edge - winner of the ITS Australia National Awards 2020



SAGE Edge application and installation types



> Vehicle and pedestrian detection: real-time data capture of traffic, congestion and people movement

> Traffic Signal Gateway: network connection for Traffic Signal Controllers with the addition of BT and Wi-Fi detections

> Radar Processor: process vehicle speed and classifications


Traffic Sign

> Travel Time Variable Message Signs (VMS): fully integrated VMS solution displaying real-time travel time information such as road names, destinations, times and colours

> Travel Time Static Signs:  real-time travel time information on variable numerical displays



> In-cabinet Capture Stations: for existing field cabinets. Utilise either Ethernet or independent cellular connections 

> 4G Pole Mounted Capture Stations: for sites with general power but no existing field cabinet

> Solar 4G Solutions (60W and 150W): real time data capture of traffic and traffic congestion on the road network


HubSpot Video



WATCH: SAGE's Damian Hewitt introduces SAGE Edge, showcasing how the device is changing the way transport and smart cities clients use data to improve community and transport network user experiences.


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