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Addinsight and SAGE Automation

Addinsight is the traffic intelligence system developed by the South Australian Department of Transport and Infrastructure. It provides real-time road traffic analysis of probe data from Bluetooth, WiFi and other sensor technologies. 

What we do for Addinsight

As a preferred partner, SAGE Automation engineers,  manufactures and integrates connective data solutions for Addinsight. SAGE has manufactured and installed Bluetooth capture stations in nearly all Australian states and territories, and is producing the components required for the nation-wide uptake of the technology.
It has also worked to develop numerous product variations that help road authorities implement and harness the Addinsight system to its fullest capability by making use of existing roadside infrastructure and communications where possible.

Existing Addinsight applications include:

  • Pole mounted capture stations
  • Solar 3G solutions
  • Passenger detection
  • School crossings
  • Travel time variable message signs (VMS)
  • Trailer mount travel time VMS
  • Travel time static signs


Devices & Solutions

Standard Bluetooth Capture Station

Addinsight Standard Bluetooth Capture Station

This product captures and broadcasts Bluetooth data back to road users using the Addinsight system. Ideal for use where an existing Ethernet port and a general power connection is available.

Bluetooth Capture Station

Addinsight 3G Bluetooth Capture Station

The 3G Bluetooth Capture Station enables data to be processed over a 3G network. Ideal for use where there is no existing Ethernet port and where power is available.

Addinsight Omnia Capture Station

Addinsight Omnia Capture Station

Introducing the Addinsight Omnia module that gives you 300% more unique detections than traditional Bluetooth scanners. Omnia can detect undiscoverable Bluetooth devices such as smartphones that cannot be detected by traditional Bluetooth scanners, giving you exceptional data resolution.

Microsoft partner

Addinsight Digimesh Capture Station

Some solutions require a Wide Area Network communications protocol.

In these cases we offer the 3G Bluetooth Capture Station with a long range WAN capability. This enables use of mesh or point-to-point (P2P) links.

Addinsight Passenger Detection

Addinsight Passenger Detection

The Passenger Detection station captures how many passengers are located at any one location. Data can be fed into statistical modelling for civil planning and public transport services.

3G Pole Mounted Bluetooth Capture Station

Addinsight 3G Pole Mounted Bluetooth Capture Station

We offer the 3G Bluetooth Capture Station as a pole mounted solution which enables more targeted Bluetooth detection.

Suitable for when an existing field cabinet is not available and a general power connection is available.

Solar 3G Solution 60W

Solar 3G Solution 60W

With 60W of solar charging power, this 3G solution is ideal for areas where no power or comms network is available.

Solution limited to the availability and reliability of the 3G network and location for solar harvesting.

Addinsight solar solution

Solar 3G Solution 200W

A powerful alternative to the 60W model, this solution provides 200W of solar charging and is ideal for remote areas where no power or comms network is available.

Solution limited to the availability and reliability of the 3G network and location for solar harvesting.

Addinsight School Crossing System

This system uses Bluetooth and 3G technology to communicate with both road users via the Addinsight app, and directly with road infrastructure.

The system communicates with the app and any speed signs preceding school zones to alert drivers that school crossings are ‘active’.

Travel Time Variable Message Sign (VMS)

We offer turnkey VMS solutions that are fully integrated with Addinsight. 

This VMS Receives and displays real-time travel time information via Bluetooth capture stations and Addinsight road data.

Displays messages such as road names, destinations, times and colours.

Travel Time Static Signs

Fully integrated with Addinsight, the Travel Time Static Sign receives and displays real-time travel time information on variable numerical displays. A powerful 500W solar solution. 

James Cox, DPTI Addinsight Principal Engineer, Traffic Management
Centre Development Team.

"SAGE Automation have been able to take our
high-level ideas and bring them to reality. I have no
hesitation in recommending them for integrating
products on the Addinsight platform." 

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